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About Snorkeling Puerto Rico

The First Nautical Tour Operator in Puerto Rico

Founded in 1968 by Captain Greg Korwek, Snorkeling Puerto Rico is now owned by the young and innovative tour company Kayaking Puerto Rico.


Vessels Built by The Captain 

​The history of Snorkeling Puerto Rico began in 1968 when Captain Greg Korwek started to build the Innovation in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Innovation was owner built and owner-operated since 1971 in the bay of San Juan. It became the first vessel to transport more than six passengers as a commercial activity in Puerto Rico.

The Innovation operated in the waters of San Juan Bay until the late 80s.

The Innovation Arrives in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

In 1988, Captain Greg Korwek moved the Innovation to Fajardo Puerto Rico. And he revolutionized the Nautical Tourism of Puerto Rico with that move. He started to serve routes from Fajardo to the islands of Icacos, Lobos, Palomino, and Palominitos for snorkeling and dive tours. This activity opened the doors for local seafarers that copied the recipe and were able to create their successful businesses as the nautical tourism in Fajardo began to thrive. 

In 1990 with the nautical scene taking relevance in Fajardo, Captain Greg Korwek began the construction of a 55ft catamaran, The Fun Cat. The Funcat was inaugurated in 1991 and became an instant hit in the nautical tourism industry of Fajardo, Puerto Rico. 

The Transfer 

In 2016, Captain Greg Korwek decided to sell the company to Kayaking Puerto Rico, a company with high-quality standards owned by young Puerto Ricans. Captain Greg took this young and innovative company by the hands and taught them all he knew about the vessels.  

Since he built and operated both vessels, he taught our maritime team everything he has done on the boats, from rebuilding engines to technical wooden hull repairs.

The Innovation and The Fun Cat are US Coast Guard-inspected vessels. 

The Storm

In September 2017, after only a year of operations under Kayaking Puerto Rico, category 5 Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico. Maria devastated the whole Island, and it was news that made headlines across the world. 

We got hit with a huge blow. Our 55ft catamaran sank as a result of Hurricane Maria. 


The Innovation didn’t receive a scratch during the storm, and in 2019 received the first of many quality awards from the leading tourism platforms. 

  • Reached the top five things to do in the Caribbean in Viator and Tripadvisor.
  • Top three activities in Puerto Rico on Airbnb Experiences. 
  • The only 5-star ranked Certified Snorkeling Operator in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

Five years after the hurricane, we added another vessel to our fleet, El Kraken, and the company plans to grow soon. 

We are grateful for the opportunity and for each guest who sponsors a Puerto Rican company like Snorkeling Puerto Rico.


Cheers to that, Salud!

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