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Learn about the people behind the scenes!

Meet Our Crew

Our local crew is committed to provide the most complete snorkeling experience for all levels.

Captain Danty

Local, counts calories, only captain capable of taming The Innovation, marine mechanic, best smile in Icacos Island


Local, fitness freak, lifeguard, tattoo lover, pastry baker, happiest person in Icacos Island


Local, CrossFit trainer, lifeguard, barista, almost 5’, best balance in Icacos Island


Local, college student, children call her “titi”, best babysitter in Icacos Island

The Innovation Then The Innovation Pioneered for Nautical Tourism in Puerto Rico.

The Innovation was built in 1970 as a replica of a US Navy LCPL vessel and was brought to Puerto Rico in 1971 by Captain Greg Korwek. It became the first vessel to transport diving and snorkeling tour groups in Puerto Rican waters.

The Innovation Now

Since 1971, Innovation has sailed the seas of Puerto Rico when it was inaugurated in nautical tourism. Now the pioneer is in Puerto Rican hands committed to maintain its legacy.

The Innovation has a maximum capacity of 20 passengers which guarantees an intimate experience with locals.