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Don Innovation | Private Boat Charter

Best Value in Fajardo • Icacos Island!

Quick Details

Private Charter Up to 24 Passengers (ages 6+)

Icacos Island Snorkel Private Charter for up to 24 guests

If you are looking for a unique charter experience in Puerto Rico, cruise the coast on the vintage Don Innovation. Private charters are perfect for large groups looking for an intimate gathering space on the water.

Don Innovation is the pioneer vessel for nautical Tourism in Puerto Rico and is certified to carry group sizes of up to 24 people.

Our friendly in-house event planners will handle everything from start to finish. We pride ourselves on creating a personal and memorable experience for our private charter guests.


Our Puerto Rico Boat Charter starts from Marina Puerto Chico. As we navigate Our Don Innovation among the Fajardo coastline, enjoy the views and information our interpretive guides will share. Approximately 20 minutes later, we’ll enter the Icacos Islands Nature Reserve, where you’ll spot the chain of islands that make this nature reserve special. Bring an underwater camera to capture the colorful schools of fish and sea life swimming through the vibrant and ancient limestone formations. Snorkeling for an hour and thirty minutes in the La Cordillera area gives you another perspective, with schools of sea life swimming through the coral reef formations. Snacks and drinks will be ready after you’ve snorkeled up an appetite. Enjoy the view over lunch as we exit the snorkeling site and navigate towards the world-famous Icacos Island Beach, where we will spend two hours. Then it’s back to the Marina.

While your Snorkeling Puerto Rico adventure has come to an end, your memories will last a lifetime.

Important note: 

Changes on the itinerary can be discussed and approved at reservation or before your charter date. Feel free to reserve online and add the notes of changes that you’ll like to request. Our planners will go over them and get back to you with options. 

Options include:

  • Changes in the amount of beach or snorkeling times
  • A request for cakes or food items. Incurred by guests
  • Decoration. Incurred by guests

Options don’t include a change of destination.