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The Innovation Snorkel Tour

Quick Details

Morning Snorkel Session
Person Ages 3+
Afternoon Snorkel Session
Person Ages 3+

Snorkel at Cayo Icacos & Navigate Aboard a Local Classic

Morning Session

Icacos Island is part of La Cordillera Nature Reserve, which is an island chain off the northeast coast of Puerto Rico. Icacos is now a popular destination for snorkeling and beach combing. It provides great coral reef formations and excellent white sand beaches. The clarity of the water and the sandbars attract boats and visitors from mainland Puerto Rico and neighboring islands.

Our snorkeling adventures started back in 1971 with the Innovation, pioneered for nautical tourism in the area. Now, the Innovation stands as the classic and most respected vessel in northeast Puerto Rico. We have backed it up with a top-notch local crew to provide the most authentic Puerto Rico snorkeling experience possible at Icacos Island.

Afternoon Session

Join us on this late afternoon navigation to Icacos Island aboard The Innovation.

This adventure begins at Marina Puerto Chico, Fajardo, to enjoy late afternoon navigation and explore the clear waters of Icacos Cay. Join a guided snorkeling tour with our local crew. You can also swim, float and relax. From the water or aboard the vessel, admire El Yunque National Rainforest, Fajardo’s Lighthouse, and other islands of La Cordillera Nature Reserve.

Our crew will serve light snacks, Puerto Rican rum, soft drinks during this snorkeling adventure, and The Innovation signature drink. EL COCO LIBRE. You can also bring prepared dinner or more snacks aboard. Return to the marina, with sundown, great music, and new friends.

  • Check In Time: 7:30 am
  • Trips are 5 hours (including check-in) and depart daily
Trip Highlights
  • In the morning: fresh pastries, juice, and water to start, and a deli-style lunch buffet including soft drinks or Puerto Rican rum needs to be replaced. Both sessions include lunch, soft drinks, water, Puerto Rican rum, and pastries.
  • Unforgettable experience snorkeling crystal clear water in Puerto Rico
  • 35 minute boat ride out to La Cordillera Cays
  • Expert guide who will tell you about the different marine species seen on the tour and answer any questions you have on the history in the area
  • In the morning: fresh pastries, juice, and water to start and a deli-style lunch buffet including soft drinks or Puerto Rican rum
What to Bring
  • Towel
  • Swimwear and shoes/sandals that can get wet
  • Sun Protection (biodegradable or without Oxybenzone ingredient sunblock, long sleeve shirt, etc.)
  • Cash
  • AT YOUR OWN RISK: Phone or Camera (we recommend waterproof or waterproof bag)
  • We have SPF rashguards for purchase at checkout.


Icacos Tours

Are you ready to explore the famous Icacos Island? Our team has prepared this guide to help you know what to expect during Your Icacos tour.

How to Get to Icacos from San Juan?

Icacos island is 55km from Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan. Since there is no direct connection to Icacos Island from San Juan, you will have to take a water taxi or rent a private boat. Renting a private boat is the best way to travel to Icacos Island since it offers unmatched convenience and comfort.

How to Get to Icacos Island From Fajardo?

Icacos is approximately 10 km away from Fajardo. If you are planning to travel to Icacos Island from Fajardo, you will have to rent a private boat or use a ferry. Chartering a boat will give you and your loved ones the privacy you need during this adventure.

When is the Best Time to Visit Icacos Island?

Fortunately, Icacos Island experiences perfect vacation weather for most of the year. However, showers are not uncommon on this picturesque island. The good news is that rain showers come and leave fast. That means that you can visit Cayo Icacos throughout the year. Even so, the weather is perfect between December and April. The hurricane season usually starts in June and ends in November.

What are the Best Snorkeling Spots at Cayo Icacos

Although snorkeling is possible on almost all beaches in Cayo Icacos, the best snorkeling spots can be found on the west side of this fantastic island. These spots have colorful coral reefs and are home to diverse marine life, including sea turtles, snapper, parrotfish, stingrays, blue tang, and more.


What are the Nearest Attracts to Cayo Icacos?

Cayo Icacos is one of the most popular destinations in Puerto Rico thanks to its proximity to top attractions such as El Yunque National Rainforest, Fajardo Lighthouse, Coqui Water Park, Palomino Island, and Laguna Grande.

What is Included in Your Cayo Icacos Snorkeling Tour?

Our goal is to help you explore Icacos Island like never before. With that in mind, you can expect us to provide various things to guarantee comfort and safety. Some of the things we provide include:

  • Snorkeling Gear such as masks, fins, and snorkels
  • Beverages
  • Lunch
  • Floating devices
  • Local rum

What Should You Expect During Your Snorkeling Tour?

This tour has been designed to help you explore all the beauty that Cayo Icacos offers. Whether you plan to celebrate a special event, party, or reconnect with your loved one, this adventure provides an authentic experience. Our friendly local crew is also ready to ensure you will have the time of your life. You can join a guided snorkeling tour, swim, float, or admire the picturesque views.

What Should Your Wear on Your Icacos Tour?

We highly recommend our visitors wear comfortable clothes and shoes during this adventure. You can also carry a change of clothes in case you get wet. Don’t forget to take your towel and swimwear with you. Above all, dress depending on the conditions. For instance, a long sleeve wetsuit will do if it’s cool.

Can You Swim With Turtles During Your Icacos Tour?

You will be glad to know you can swim among the turtles during your Icacos adventure. You will also have the chance to get up close and personal with other marine creatures such as manatees, dolphins, and tropical fish. Colorful coral reefs also await you.

Is it Safe to Snorkel on Icacos Island?

Icacos is one of the safest snorkeling destinations, thanks to the clear waters and mild winds. The island is also home to breathtaking coral reef formations and pristine sandy beaches. Above all, our experienced local crew will accompany you to provide an unforgettable snorkeling experience. We will also offer essential snorkeling equipment to keep you safe as you mingle with the underwater world of Cayo Icacos. If you don’t have precious snorkeling experience, our team will walk you through the basics to ensure you enjoy every part of this adventure.

Can Beginners Go on a Snorkeling Tour on Icacos Island?

Cayo Icacos Island is the perfect snorkeling destination for beginners, thanks to the shallow and clear waters. The island also has mild winds and fair weather for the better part of the year. Additionally, it is less crowded than other spots.